Who We Are

TBG Funding (‘TBGF’), is the private lending division of The Battery Group, a firm focused on direct investments in real estate, finance, healthcare and asset management.

The firm was founded and is led by principals Charles Scharf and Willy Beer, TBGF has been providing timely and advantageous financing to the real estate industry since 2011.

The TBG Funding team is comprised of seasoned executives with extensive experience in both the real estate and finance industries. The team uses a multi-faceted approach to assessing a potential loan, taking into account asset value, borrower integrity and strength, exit strategy and market pricing. TBGF provides debt secured by a range of asset types and sizes, building a diversified portfolio of loans that are not correlated to the broader stock and bond markets.

Since its inception, TBG Funding has originated and funded close to a billion dollars in loans ranging from $250,000 to $10,000,000.