Deals do not happen overnight, but at TBG we move quickly.

You’ve spotted a prime site for development or a building with excellent potential—opportunities with promise.

 The deal needs quick financing, and if you can take the project through to the next level, or you had additional time to close, the banks would be happy to lend.  

That’s essentially our service to you: Providing funding for your needs until you The first thing we’d do is the once-over evaluation: We take some cursory looks at the property and ask you a few simple questions about your business experience and strength.

 If it passes the cursory test, our team issues a term sheet, with goals and objectives. 

After you accept, we then:  

1.       Evaluate the value of the property.

2.       Assess your strength and experience.

3.       Examine your exit strategy. 

To make sure you’re not just looking short-term, but also mid-term and long-term, we need to understand your exit strategy. The bridge loan’s greatest value is just that— as a bridge to get you from opportunity to conventional financing. Therefore, a realistic exit strategy is paramount.

Let us know if we can help you overcome your financing challenges.

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