This past Sunday, TBG Funding’s CEO Charles Scharf sat down to an exclusive interview on 77WABC radio’s “Mind Your Business” broadcast, to discuss the ins and out of the commercial real estate bridge lending industry. On the show, a variety of topics were discussed, including the advantages of private lending versus bank lending, the process TBG Funding uses to be able to provide financing in under a week, and how private and bridge lending is changing the face of today’s market. Charles also shared many tips, stories, and insights, giving the listeners a glimpse into the complex world of high finance.

Charles had many valuable takeaways for the listeners, advice he was able to give due to years of real experience in the field of bridge lending. When asked how to determine whether a business deal is worth taking, Charles gave a solid rule of thumb to follow:  “If you undercut your assumptions on income and assume your expenses are going to be more than you really would like to and it still makes sense, then that’s a deal you want. You’re safe. You want to be conservative, and if you’re wrong, you should be wrong to the upside, not to drive the downside. The steady slow conservative approach will ultimately be the safest one.”

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