It’s been about a month since the 2019 NYC Real Estate Expo on October 24th. Our Senior VP of Operations Meir Krengel and our underwriter, Yoni May, presented a fascinating and value-packed talk on the anatomy of a deal at the expo.

Since it’s been a while, we figured you could use a quick re-recap of the points that were covered.

And if you weren’t there—you’re in luck! You can access the practical and amazing tips that Meir and Yoni shared from this post.

  • VALUE is not always measured by the most dollars and cheapest rate. 
  • TRANSPARENCY and CERTAINTY OF EXECUTION can be worth a lot more that ¼% or ½% in interest rate savings.
  • To be successful, you can’t be intimidated or afraid to enter NEW MARKETS.
  • A crucial aspect toward creating a flawless reputation is to never be late to a closing. TBG Funding has multiple repeat borrowers because we promise ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY OF CLOSE.
  • A proper EXIT STRATEGY is probably the most important aspect of underwriting criteria, second only to value.

How’s that for value-packed?

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