Hear from Eli Karman, Head of Construction Lending and Chief Lending Office at TBG Funding about TBG Funding’s streamlined construction lending.

Here are the main questions to ask when seeking a good construction lender:

  • What is the timeline that I can expect for turnaround?

Answer: We get it. Your business health stands on the speed to closing – you can only begin building once you have the funds. Starting construction sooner means a closer opening date. This, in turn, determines when you will begin generating profit. How important is this to us? Very. That is why we try to keep to 1-2 business days for producing the initial term sheet. Then we work with an under-two-weeks’ timeframe to bring you to the moment of closing. Our absolute record has been closing in just four days! (Read more about that record here.)

  • Will you come on-site to collect information and the facts on the ground?

Answer: As soon as your draw request comes in, a member of our team will do a site inspection. At the very same time, our office-based underwriting team races against the clock to process your documentation and request.

  • Why should I choose TBG Funding for my Construction Funding needs?

Don’t take this from us. Our borrowers come back again and again, and for good reason. Our company’s absolute premise is that your success is ours—our borrowers experience that and come back to us for their next project. So, letting TBG provide for your funding needs is simply the most profitable way to go. Congratulations!  We are here to serve you in your new construction venture. Wishing you much luck!